How We Recycle
Glass recycling UK process thousands of tonnes of glass per day through an
organised process; from collection through to quality control.
Quality Control
The Guidelines of Quality Control of Processed Glass
However many different processes the glass passes through, it would be virtually impossible to remove every single last gram of foreign material, luckily, there is an acceptable limit to the amount of foreign objects that can be left in the cullet before it can be used.

To ensure that our recycled glass reaches and agreed specification we take samples from each batch of cullet at timed intervals as it comes off the recycling line. Each sample weighs 15kg and is processed to an agreed procedure. The Quality Controller will sift through this sample, checking visually and by using a miniature Screening machine similar in operation to those on the recycling line. Any small none-glass objects are collected and weighed. The weight of each sample is logged and stored on a computer system.

From the weight of foreign objects found, we can calculate the total amount likely to be in each tonne of cullet. If this total amount is too high, the whole batch will have to be run through the plant again.

The computer logs are used to register the quality of the cullet which is delivered to the Glass Factory, for the production of new glass bottles and jars for example

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