How Can You Help?
Whether you recycle glass using bottle banks, local schemes,
or simply return bottle back to retailers - you are doing your bit.
what Can You Do
Do your bit and recycle your glass
Glass is not just any material; it has many valuable characteristics, whether it is recycled, reused, or returned.

There are many ways to recycle glass, whether you take them to a local bottle bank; religiously place out your coloured box or bin on designated days as part of a local collection scheme; or give your Milkman back his bottle - all are involved with the recycling of Glass.

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Did You Know?
Recycling Glass into new containers has many environmental benefits. It saves Energy;
lowers emissions; reduced quarrying for raw materials, and reduced landfill.
Tips for Recycling Glass

1. All Glass packages and containers should be rinsed out, and any tops, corks or rings should be removed before recycling. Any tops that remain will be removed by magnets at the Recycling Plant, but if they get through they can cause damage to furnaces and equipment.

2. Recycle ANY containers, not just food ones. Packaging that holds pharmaceutical or household goods can also be recycled.

3. Be sure NOT to recycle any ‘Pyrex’ or ‘Visionware’ items, such as lightbulbs, window panes, electrical equipment or cookware waste.

4. Make sure that when using Bottle Banks that you separate the glass into it’s correct coloured bank. (Blue glass is placed with Green glass)

5. Please DO NOT litter around the bottle banks with empty carrier bags or the boxes you brought your glass in. Take it with you or place it in a nearby waste bin.

6. Finally, try not to use bottle banks at night, as the suttle sound of glass bottles smashing into each other in a large bank is enough to wake even the deepest sleepers!
How Else Can I Recycle Glass?

It’s funny, but empty glass containers can be very useful to yourselves, as they can be reused in a variety of ways.

Glass is a perfect material for packaging, as it can be rinsed out and used to store food and household objects for years, without disintegrating. Smaller jars can be used as Coin-banks, or as storage for loose items like DIY accessories, office stationery, or even your own homemade jam!

For advice or information, contact Glass Recycling UK directly, on (01226) 727298
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