How We Recycle
Glass recycling UK process thousands of tonnes of glass per day through an
organised process; from collection through to quality control.
8. Vacuuming
After the second screening process, the glass passes under a strong vacuum duct. Here paper from bottle labels and pilfer rings from drinks cans are lifted out and removed from the glass.
9. None Ferrous Metal Removal
A metal separator now takes out none ferrous metals such as Aluminium and Lead which come from the tops of wine bottles, the glass drops over the head of the metal detector and down towards a split chute.
As it drops down, powerful air jets fire at the metal pieces to direct them down the waste side of the split chute.
10. Small Ceramic & Stone Removal
The last machine in the series takes out remnants of ceramic and stone.
This works by passing the glass in front of a laser beam. The laser beam is able to pass through the transparent glass, but when it hits a solid object like ceramic or stone the beam is reflected away.

The machine’s computer detects this and fires an air jet to separate the object in a similar manner to the metal separator above.

This laser operated machine is a very sensitive piece of equipment and we are able to adjust it so it will detect things like fine bone china, which might otherwise fool it by letting a detectable amount of light through.
11. Final Visual Check
A final visual check is now carried out before the glass finishes the process, to check for any discrepancies in the recycled glass cullet.
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