How We Recycle
Glass recycling UK process thousands of tonnes of glass per day through an
organised process; from collection through to quality control.
1. Local Bottle Bank
Glass Recycling (UK) Ltd have over 7000 Bottle Banks around the UK, usually placed in Supermarket car parks, where consumers can easily drop off bottles whilst on their normal weekly shopping trip.

Our purpose-built trucks empty the full bottle banks into the three compartmented vehcile keeping the colours seperated, the empty bank is then replaced back into position. The glass from full banks is then transported to our processing Plant in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.
2. Collection
At our main depot in Barnsley, we have the capacity to process 250,000 bottles per hour.

The glass is stored in bays by colour until we are ready to process it.
3. Loading
A Loading Shovel transfers the glass into one of 3 sorting lines so that we can process the three main colours Clear Brown and Green at the same time.

An endless conveyor belt system carries the glass through each part of the factory and to the next sorting process
4. Manual Sorting
Our first job is to remove any large objects. Operatives check visually as the glass passes through on the conveyor, removing any foreign materials they see, for example Ceramic, Brick or Plastic.
5. Crushing & Screening
The next machine uses steel rollers to crush the glass to a size specified by our customer.

After the glass has been crushed, it is then carried to a vibrating ‘bar screen’, which removes paper, wine corks and other non glass products.
6. Ferrous Metal Removal
From here the crushed and screened glass is passed over a rare Earth Magnet.

Housed in a rotating drum the immensely strong magnet removes most of the ferrous metals, such as pieces of steel, wire, and even iron filings etc...
7. Stone & Ceramic Removal
A vibrating screen is used to provide an even flow to Laser technology to remove stone, brick and ceramic.

it is essential to remove this type of material as it would not melt in the glass manufacturer’s furnace.

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