Who are glass recycling UK?
Glass Recycling are the largest independent glass recycling company in
the UK, collecting 1000's of tonnes of glass per week.
About Glass Recycling
Our Company Profile
Glass Recycling UK Ltd are the UK's largest independent glass recycling company. Collecting 1000's of tonnes of glass bottles and jars every week and processing them into glass cullet.

In recent years, environmental considerations have led to greater awareness of the importance of conservation and the minimisation of waste. For more than three decades we have provided a service to local authorities and other responsible organisations through the siting, of over 7000 bottle bins and more recently, specially-built bottle banks that are collected by our fleet of custom-built trucks.

Our company employs more than 70 people in our main plant at Barnsley, as well as at our various depots throughout the UK.
Investing for the Future

We continue to invest millions of pounds in the development of specialist machinery giving us the technology to extract unwanted metal, ceramics, stones and paper from the glass we collect.

Our investment program entered it's newest phase in 2010, equipped with new equipment to sort the coloured glass we collect efficiently and easily.

All this enables us to deliver and end product, which precisely meets the demands of our customer, and more importantly, demands from the Public for a cleaner, safer environment for future generations.

This website has been designed to provide information about the glass recycling process and the environmental benefits brought about by it.

We hope that the information provided on these pages will help people understand the importance of recycling in preserving the environment for future generations.
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